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*Author lineup subject to change

A.C. Haydee

Abigail Fluty

Alison Kimble

Allison Aldridge

Amber Bunch

Amber V. Nicole

Ann Denton

Anthea Sharp

Arabella Federico

Ariella Isabella

B.C. FaJohn

B.L. Cagle

B.L Talley

Bee Murray/CJ Cartwright

Brandie June

Britton Brinkley

C.M Locke

C.R. Jane

D.L. Blade

Deanna Ortega

Devyn Sinclair

Elizabeth Briggs

Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Helen

Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Willsea

Emily Blackwood

Emmie J Holland

Eva Chase

Fleur DeVillainy

Frankie Diane Mallis

Geneva Monroe

Hannah Nicole Maehrer

Heather Renee

Ivy Asher

J.D Linton

JB Wright

Jessica M. Butler

Jordan A. Day

Kalista Neith

Karina Halle

Kate Pelczar

Kathy Haan

KC Hayes

Kia Carrington-Russell

Kristen M. Long

Kristen Cast

L.R. Friedman

Lillian T. James

Luna Laurier

Mandy Maree

Marissa Meyer**

Meg Smitherman

Melissa K. Roehrich

Mikayla Hornedo

Nelle Nikole

Nikita Rogers

Paige Lavoie

Perci Jay

Petra Palerno 

R.L. Davennor

RA Lewis

Renee M Palstring

RL Davennor

Rowan Redfield

S.J. Barnett/Sydne Barnett

S.J. Brown

Sarah A. Parker

Sarah Zane

Stacey Marie Brown

Stacey McEwan

T.L. Smith**

Tessonja Odette

Tracy Wolff

Violet Taylor

*Bold indicates sponsoring author

**Friday signing ONLY


*Vendor lineup subject to change

Acrylipics Bookish Nook

Between The Pages Jewelry

The Bookaholics Perfumes

Bordeaux VO

Brio and Brandish

Buttercup Books and Rhapso Needle

Dirty Llama Co

Doughmo's Cookies


Fae Crate

Frills N Freckles

Iron Rose Designs

Kristina Freeman Art

Listening Stars

Lovely Dahhling

Novel Candle Co

One More Chapter Designs

Page Turners United

Pen to Parchment

The Simply Bookish Co

The Slanted Shelf

TwilightMuse Booktique

Victoria Connolly Narrator

Write Me Wicked


*Influencer lineup subject to change

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